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Traffic Court

Traffic tickets are a pesky nuisance to many drivers, one that many of us have to deal with in our lifetimes. Speeding and other bad driving habits are some of the most commonly ticketed offenses, while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is included on the more complex end of the spectrum.

At Archambault Law, we are Smithfield Rhode Island traffic court lawyers who help battle your ticket to have charges and fees reduced or dismissed. Don’t shrug off your traffic ticket; contact our defense attorneys for help in going to traffic court.

What Happens if Just Pay the Ticket Fee?

While this seems like the easiest option, it can work against you to simply pay the full fine for the ticket in an effort to put the infraction behind you. When you send your money off to the court, you’re actually paying the maximum amount that can be levied against you for the offense. The state is hoping you’ll do as much, as it benefits them more than you.

In some cases, in addition to paying the fee, you could be looking at inflated insurances costs, points on your license, and possibly paying even more money for traffic school.

Some traffic tickets can be hundreds of dollars, such as if you’ve been speeding excessively or ran a red light. It’s possible to retain a lawyer for less than the price of the maximum ticket fine and have traffic charges dismissed, but many are deterred from seeking legal help for traffic court, thinking that it’s costly and time-consuming. In many client cases, this is untrue. While a skilled lawyer is a big step for many, it is vital is creating the best possible outcome.

Paying the fine listed on your ticket seems like the simplest choice, but is easily the most expensive.

Hire a Traffic Court Lawyer in Smithfield

Our defense attorney, Stephen Archambault, is an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands the art of successful defense strategies when it comes to traffic infractions. Whether you’ve been accused of speeding, DUI, driving with a suspended license, moving violations, or reckless driving, we can help. We are familiar with court processes for traffic incidents, as we also work as personal injury lawyers and DUI defense attorneys.

We are not a chain, ticket-fighting law firm. Archambault Law is a trusted defense firm in Smithfield with expertise in many areas of criminal law.

The benefits of hiring our skilled traffic court lawyer are many and can help make your life easier, whether we’re able to have charges dismissed entirely or significantly reduced. While this is especially true for your first or second offense, our services are particularly helpful for repeat offenders. If you are frequently ticketed, these can quickly pile up and create more complex consequences. Working with our defense attorney allows you to retain the best professional for arguing down fines and fees and strategizing to provide best outcomes where your traffic offense is an elevated charge.

If you have an otherwise good driving record, or this is your first or second offense, it pays to secure a lawyer to represent you in court. Don’t let a mistake damage your driving record for years after the fact and cause undue financial burden.

Working with Clients for Traffic Crimes: DUIs, Suspended License

While speeding is certainly unsafe, there are additional, more serious traffic crimes that create elevated risk and severe penalties. If you’ve been caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or you’re operating your vehicle even though your license has been suspended, seek defense counsel as soon as possible.

Initial instances of driving with a suspended license are misdemeanors, but on your third attempt, you face criminal charges. If you’ve been pulled over for a DUI, whether you’ve refused to take the breathalyzer, it’s time to speak to a criminal defense lawyer. Our firm works diligently on your behalf to reduce charges and ensure you do not have to pay the maximum fines.

Fight your Ticket — Contact our Traffic Court Lawyer

Going to traffic court sees like a hassle if you’re trying to represent yourself, but with the help of a qualified attorney, it’s possible to have an efficient and successful experience. Contact Archambault Law today to fight your traffic ticket and enlist experienced Smithfield traffic attorneys for traffic offenses varying degrees — whether this is your first speeding ticket or second DUI. We’ll get started on your case as soon as possible by reviewing charges and strategizing for your best defense.

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