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Consumer Liability

Your viability as a business and a brand depend on customer satisfaction and general public perception of your values and product. When the tide of public opinion sways to the negative, it can be difficult to regain value. We protect businesses against frivolous consumer liability suits, ensuring the viability of their brand while ensuring consumers benefit from improved products when necessary.

Class Action Suit Prevention in Rhode Island

Before a lawsuit comes to bear that may damage your product’s reputation amidst issues of safety, our criminal defense firm can provide an appropriate strategy to create an action that will satisfy consumers, protect against personal injury, and support continued safety. These strategies can include recalls or refund initiatives. While we understand that it may damage your company’s success to pay out an expensive suit, we also understand that you wish to provide a safe and effective product that will satisfy consumers. When issues of safety or efficacy are raised, it’s best to handle them promptly for customer satisfaction

Determining Responsibility: Consumer Liability Attorney Services

The cause of the damage is typically either attributed to lack of direction, fair warning, or false advertising on behalf of the company. Or, the damage could be caused by irresponsible or incorrect use on behalf of the consumer. In a famous incident where a woman spilled hot coffee on her lap, the restaurant that provided her with the coffee was then ordered to properly label their drink containers with adequate warnings about temperatures.

If the consumer is liable for the damage due to improper use or failure to heed warnings, the business may not be legally responsible for the personal damage. In more neutral cases of liability, where a product simply does not work as advertised but does not cause personal injury, it’s possible to argue for a dismissal in court or other settlement that does not include a class action.

Legal Strategies Pertaining to Consumer Liability

Our Rhode Island defense lawyers at Archambault Law are experienced at creating innovative defense strategies that protect our clients’ best interest. In instances of consumer liability and legal issues raised over false advertising and personal injury, our team is best equipped to provide a defense that will meet your needs. For more information about how we can assist in consumer liability suits, contact Archambault Law today.

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