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In the internet age, defamation has taken on a whole new spin. Users and consumers utilize the power of online profiles and highly visited websites to post their feelings and opinions. While this is generally not an issue, it creates a new realm of defamation issues. Instances of users making false and damaging claims about businesses or public figures seem to go by unchecked. If you’re on the other side of the claim, you may think you have no legal recourse, However, this isn’t the case.

Defending your Name in the Event of Defamation

If you own a business, and especially if the business features your name, being branded as anything other than honest and ethical in the court of public opinion is damaging. As an example: a dental professional provides an honest opinion to a patient regarding necessary treatment. The patient refuses the treatment and states they will only accept a lesser procedure. Not wanting to leave the patient with a complete lack of care, the dentist provides the unadvised simple filling.

Later, after the filling breaks, as the dentist advised it would, the patient turns to social media and business review websites to lambast the dentist, claiming poor workmanship, bad treatment ethics, and overall dissatisfaction with the knowledge and care provided by the dentist. This patient has the privilege of only offering one side of the story, creating the idea that this dentist is indeed as bad as they say they are.

In this case, and others like it, you absolutely have a case that can be taken to court to ensure your side of the story gets a voice and that false information regarding your character is cleared.

Rhode Island Defense Attorneys for Defamation Suits

Let us demonstrate the simplest and easiest way to defeat claims against you in a court of law: the truth. In the example provided above, documents showing recommended treatment plans that include the state of patients health, suggested services, patients’ statements, and what was ultimately provided can all be used to demonstrate that the practitioner did everything in their power to provide ethical care.

When the truth of the matter proves out, retractions of previous false states can be made and defamatory comments can be removed from visibility.

If you’re looking for help in your defamation lawsuit in Smithfield, let the legal defense team at Archambault Law provide the assistance you need. We can help you get back to your everyday life, without the worry that your reputation is being damaged.

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