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Dog Bites

Personal injury caused by an animal attack can be painful and frightening, but an excellent legal defense can provide for medical care and any lost wages due to time spent recuperating. If you’ve suffered dog bites in Rhode Island, Archambault Law offers personal injury legal services to ensure you have the resources you need to get back on your feet.

Determining Liability in Dog Bite Injuries

Anyone who is minding their own business and acting peacefully, but suddenly attacked by a dog is certainly not responsible for the injury. However, the line is drawn when the injured party is antagonizing or abusing an animal to the point that the animal then lashes out from instinct and self-defense. If you had a right to be in a public space and were not acting in a way that would elicit an aggressive action on the part of the dog, you are not at fault. If, however, you climbed a fence in a neighbor’s yard to retrieve a lost item or to take a shortcut across the block and were attacked by animals defending their property, you may be deemed responsible; i.e. the home and dog owner cannot be held at fault.

While many people associated injuries inflicted from a dog by bites, there are generalized injuries surrounding animal aggression that can be taken to court where a bite was not inflicted. Let’s say that you were walking down the street and a dog got loose from its property and was chasing you angrily with the apparent intent to attack you. You jumped a fence to escape, falling to the ground and breaking your arm in the process. The owner of the dog may be liable for personal injury and damages to your person, even if the dog never got a hold of you.

Rhode Island Dog Bite Statutes

In our state, owners are not only liable if their dogs actually bite a person, breaking the skin. Any aggressive action their dog took that resulted in a physical injury to a third party is the responsibility of the owner. In the case above, with the man running from a perusing dog, the owner would be liable in a personal injury lawsuit. RI statutes indicate that the dog must be loose from its enclosure with the accident or injury occurred.

If you’ve been involved in an accident where fear of animal attack caused injury to your person, you are entitled to compensation to cover the cost of medical and other restitution.

Contact our Smithfield Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have been injured via attack from a loose dog, it’s important to contact our personal injury defense attorneys immediately. An injury caused by another party is absolutely a case for a settlement; do not take the first offer provided to you by the other party. Call Archambault Law today for more information on how we can provide you with the best defense possible to cover expenses and lost wages after a dog bite injury.

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