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Rhode Island DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney

DUI defense you can trust

  • Former police officer
  • Prosecutor for multiple towns
  • Handled over 30,000 criminal cases
  • 20+ years of criminal experience
  • Over 2 decades of satisfied clients
  • Free consultation
  • Expert in DUI laws & handling DUI cases

Why Hire Rhode Island DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney Stephen Archambault

Rhode Island’s Best DUI & Criminal Lawyer

Steve Archambault represents all of his clients the same way, giving 100% to their case with the goal of winning. Steve understands your stress and how intimidating the criminal process can be on you and your family. Steve Archambault is known for his honesty, candor and direct style, telling you it like it is, and both he and his staff work diligently directly with you, and are always just a phone call through your entire case. Steve includes you and your thoughts in your case; he gives you a copy of the police report and all discovery, and he truly listens to your opinion and what you think. Steve wants to get you the best result, and he knows this is only possible by working together and transparently. Steve focuses on dramatically reducing any likelihood of you receiving a criminal conviction or, God-forbid, you ever serving any jail time. Steve is routinely extremely successful in having criminal and traffic charges significantly reduced, dismissed or winning your case at trial. Steve’s unique background in law enforcement, prosecution, defense and public service has given him a broad knowledge and experience with DUI laws, how “Conditional Hardship Licenses” work, and how to get a CHL and interlock so that you can drive. Steve’s extensive trial skills and decades of court experience, having handled 1,000’s of DUI cases and prosecuting over 30,000 criminal cases, truly make him one of the best Rhode Island lawyers to represent you. Don’t lose your job or career over an arrest from a bad night or poor judgment. Everyone makes mistakes. Let Steve Archambault’s skills work for you so that you keep your license and get the best result you can. Steve is one of the most knowledgeable and respected DUI attorneys in Rhode Island. Hire the best lawyer possible. Call Steve today for your free, thorough consultation. Steve Archambault is available 24/7.

Criminal Defense Felony, Misdemeanor Cases and Traffic Court

Steve Archambault has almost two decades of courtroom experience handling all types of felony and misdemeanor charges, including suspended license, reckless driving, assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, domestic violence, larceny, shoplifting, trespass, vandalism, ADW, delivery and/or possession of drugs, marijuana charges, arson, burglary, sexual assault, and the most serious capital crimes (up to life in jail). Steve handles all traffic court matters at the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal or city/town municipal court, including speeding, no insurance, no registration, tinted windows, landed roadway, stop sign, following too close, MVA charges, and all other civil citations, including multiple infractions and “Colin Foote” charges, where many months of loss of license can be imposed by a judge. Steve also has extensive experience handling all Juvenile wayward and delinquency matters in Family Court, where Steve works with the young man or woman and their family to find the best overall solution for long-term success of the child. Make sure you have the best lawyer you can. Call Steve Archambault today for your free consultation and case evaluation. You’ll be glad you called Steve.