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Ensuring Peace of Mind for Our Clients

We represent our clients with the goal to protect quality of life for them and their loved ones; we understand how stressful and intimidating an arrest and the criminal prosecution processes which follows can be for clients and their families. Attorney Archambault is known for his honest candor and direct communication, and both he and his staff work diligently on your behalf, always available by a phone call away throughout the entire process. Our approach is one that welcomes your thoughts and is mindful of your lifestyle in the ultimate resolution process. We want to get you the best results, and dramatically reduce your likelihood of receiving a criminal conviction or ever serving any jail time. We are routinely very successful in having charges significantly reduced, and many times even dismissed completely.

We are a proactive firm and thorough in our research of your case facts, working in real-time to develop the best defense strategies for the best outcomes. You can count on our team to aggressively represent you with an honest dedication to your needs; with our help, you don’t get a cookie-cutter, flat defense. We zealously advocate on your behalf. While every case and client is different, there’s no substitute for working with a seasoned and dedicated defense attorney who personalizes your defense. Call us today for your free consultation.

Personal Injury and DUI Defense

Allegations of illegal activity are costly, whether that’s because of fines, fees, and paperwork, or just pure stress and time taken away from your everyday life. If you were injured as a result of third-party carelessness in public or at your place of work, Stephen R. Archambault can help you get the most money and compensation for your claim, so you can get your life back on track. Insurance companies for the individual or people who injured you aren’t your friends. When you’re hurt from someone else’s fault, you need a tough, dedicated and aggressive attorney to fight for you. Attorney Archambault has the experience and skills to get you what you deserve from those who’ve injured you. He has handled hundreds of claims, ranging from small sums to over $1 million dollars. He and his staff will fight for you and get you what you deserve.

Stephen R. Archambault also provides DUI & Breathalyzer Refusal defense services, whether it’s your first DUI or you have a bad record and history of DUI/Refusal offenses, or your charge includes very high blood alcohol content Breathalyzer Test readings and you’re scared you may go to jail. Attorney Archambault’s unique background and knowledge of DUI laws and how Hardship License and interlock laws work, and his extensive trial skills and court experience having handled 1,000’s of DUI cases truly makes him one of the best lawyers to represent you. Don’t lose your job or career because of a bad night or poor judgment that got you arrested. Let Attoreny Archambault work to get you a DUI Hardship license. Get the best lawyer you can, one of the most knowledge DUI defense attorneys in Rhode Island. Call Attoreny Archambault today. You’ll be happy you did.

Ask about Our Criminal Defense Services

We know this is a stressful time for you and your family, and selecting an attorney can seem overwhelming in an already nerve-racking process. Attorney Archambault is extremely experienced, handling all types of misdemeanor crimes, from assault, domestic violence, larceny, and shoplifting, as well as all felony matters, from ADW, delivery and possession of drugs, arson, and burglary to the most serious capital crimes. Attorney Archambault also handles all Rhode Island Traffic Court matters, from simple speeding to the more serious and complex multiple charges, serious loss of license matters, and particularly those cases involving juveniles, or the adult with a lengthily bad driving record. Making sure you have the best, seasoned legal counsel on your side truly makes all the difference. Attorney Archambault is that kind of counselor.

Our legal staff takes the stress out of worrying about selecting the best criminal defense attorney by providing an unmatched blend of professionalism, dedication, and knowledge in hiring Archambault Law Offices. So if you or a member of your family has been arrested and charged for any criminal offense (misdemeanor or felony), DUI or Refusal, or Traffic Court matter, contact Attorney Archambault immediately for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help.

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