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Collateral Consequences of a Felony Conviction

Felony convictions carry consequences beyond a fine and / or jail time. The following is a list of possible other consequences of a felony conviction.

Voting Rights and Jury Service.

An individual’s right to vote is determined by State Law. Your right to vote in state and local elections will be disqualified.

As a convicted felon, you would not be able to participate as a juror in the state courts. In certain circumstances a convicted felon may sit on a federal jury if an individual’s civil rights have been restored.


A felony conviction bars obtaining, receiving, transporting, or possessing any firearm or ammunition. There is a waiting period after release from custody or, if not jailed, from conviction.

Armed Forces.

A felony conviction makes one ineligible to enlist in the Armed Forces.


An individual’s ability to obtain or maintain a private pilot’s license and aircraft registration may be jeopardized.

Federal and State Employment.

While felony convictions in general do not preclude federal and state employment (the felony is a factor in determining suitability), certain felony convictions under certain statutes require disqualification or bar from federal employment either permanently or for a specific period of time.

Numerous other occupational restrictions exist such as a prohibition against holding certain labor organization posts, banking or insurance company positions.

State Licenses and Occupational Restrictions.

The convictions can prevent an individual from becoming or obtaining or keeping numerous occupational or professional licenses if the crime is substantially related to the licensed activity or the licensee’s fitness.

Travel Restrictions.

Most sentences also provide for a period of supervised release following any formal restrictions on the individual’s freedom. In addition, many foreign governments (Canada for example) make it a crime under their laws for an individual with a felony conviction to enter their country without special application (which, assuming it is available, can take a month or so to obtain from that country’s consulate ).

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