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If you have just been pulled over for a DUI arrest under the suspicion of drunk driving and are looking to fight a DUI charge, make sure you receive the proper guidance and expertise before moving forward. Sometimes referred to as OUI but more popularly called DUI, a DUI arrest can have lasting ramifications on your employment status and ability to operate a motor vehicle and should always be approached with extreme caution.

Stephen R. Archambault is Smithfield, Rhode Island’s foremost DUI lawyer and defense attorney. With nearly two decades of court experience and a background as a state senator and former police officer, Attorney Archambault has the tools you need to receive your best defense case. He will work tirelessly to present you with the strongest case possible so that you can receive an optimal result at your court hearing.

Helping You Understand Your Rights

The laws surrounding drinking and driving, DUI breathalyzer refusal, field sobriety tests and DUI hardship licenses are complex and difficult to navigate. If you were submitted to a Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) or Preliminary Breath Test with a breathalyzer after being pulled over and your blood alcohol content was determined to be over the legal limit, you may still be able to receive a favorable outcome from your court hearing.

Due to his time spent as a police officer, Attorney Archambault has extensive experience and a deep understanding of these types of cases. He knows exactly what options are available to you and will work nonstop to ensure you receive the best outcome possible. If the option is available to you, Attorney Archambault will pursue your advocacy to receive a hardship license, allowing you to retain your ability to drive to and from work using an ignition interlock device so that you do not have to forfeit your ability to earn an income during this time. Attorney Archambault will work to ensure your drunk driving arrest creates the least disruption in your life as possible.

Most people do not have a thorough understanding of how the law operates regarding breathalyzer or SFST refusal and make mistakes that can harm their case when faced with a drunk driving accusation. Attorney Archambault knows how to maneuver these dense and complicated rules through his extensive service as a Rhode Island attorney. Having a legal professional by your side as you construct your best defense is absolutely critical in pursuing all options available under the law.

Your DUI Attorney Working for You, With You Fighting Your DUI Arrest

Attorney Archambault is a no-nonsense, straightforward defense attorney who takes pride in providing his clients with a degree of expertise that is unrivaled in the Rhode Island criminal defense system. He gives each and every case his personal attention and will communicate with you directly during this stressful and uncertain period in your life. Making sure you understand your rights and available options is his absolute top prerogative especially if you this is your 1st DUI offense or even 2nd DUI offense. Should you ever have an emergency situation arise or need immediate assistance, Attorney Archambault is on call 24/7.

Call Archambault Law Offices, Inc.

Attorney Archambault is your best chance at receiving optimal results from your court case. He develops a personal strategy for each defense and treats every client with the respect and attention they deserve. If you are looking for an experienced criminal defense attorney in Smithfield, call our office today at 401-300-0925 to schedule your free consultation with Attorney Archambault right away.