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Experienced DUI Attorney Near Me

Attorney Archambault is a top-tier DUI, Breathalyzer Refusal, “Hardship License” and criminal defense lawyer serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island. As a former police officer, current prosecutor for two towns, state senator and extremely experienced criminal defense attorney, he has a unique, broad understanding of the criminal justice system other lawyers just don’t possess.

Attorney Archambault is a no frills, very direct and honest advocate, and he works tirelessly with you to get the most favorable outcome, whether that involves collaborating with the prosecution for the best plea bargain agreement, getting you an immediate “Hardship License” for a DUI/Breathalyzer Refusal charge, or aggressively pursuing a trial to prove your innocence. Please call today for your free consultation. We are available 24/7.

Learn why Attorney Archambault is the best choice for your DUI defense:

Attorney Archambault understands the anxiety individuals experience when facing criminal charges. Whether you’re already dealing with the complications of having been arrested for a DUI and/or Refusal, or are at a police station struggling with the decision on whether to take a chemical breath test, Archambault Law can help.