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Fraud consists of an intentional misrepresentation of facts to achieve an unfair gain or advantage over another individual or group. There are many facets to a fraud crime and just as many ways that the fraud can be performed, from identity theft to embezzlement. Fraud can involve a single victim or multiple individuals that suffer loss as the result of the action.

While fraud is considered a criminal offense in Rhode Island, you can also be subject to civil lawsuits filed by the alleged victims. Penalties for these crimes can be diverse and are based on whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges. The classification will depend on the details and circumstances of your case and whether state or federal laws are involved. In cases where federal laws are allegedly broken, you may also be dealing with the FBI and other government agencies throughout the process.

If you are arrested and charged with fraud, the experience can be frightening and confusing. Enlisting the help of an experienced Rhode Island attorney like Stephen Archambault will ensure your rights are considered, and you have the necessary representation to navigate the complex legal system. Attorney Archambault understands how stressful an arrest can be and will take time to inform you of all the aspects of your case so you can make the best legal decisions for your situation.

Types of Fraud Crimes

Many fraud crimes fall under the umbrellas of white collar crime laws, including:

  • Financial crimes (embezzlement, counterfeiting, credit card fraud and wire fraud)
  • Identity theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Securities and commodities fraud
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud

Consequences for Fraud Crimes

While the penalties for fraud crimes can vary considerably, they often include jail time, hefty fines, probation, community service and restitution. Civil penalties can also be assessed, which might include additional fines or restitution. You will also suffer extensive damage to your reputation, which could affect your ability to gain employment in the future.

Proving a Fraud Crime

There are many complexities to fraud cases, particularly in proving the guilt of an individual. The elements to demonstrate guilt in one of these cases includes:

  • An intentional misrepresentation of facts by an individual
  • The individual knows the facts provided are false or inaccurate
  • The facts are relayed to another person that relies on the information given
  • There is an actual loss or injury that stems from the reliance on the information

With many facets that must be proven to win a fraud case, a defense attorney in this situation will work to discredit one or more of these elements. The more experienced attorneys will understand the intricacies of a fraud case and use that knowledge to work in favor of their clients as often as possible.

Legal Help for Fraud Crimes in Rhode Island

Fraud is a complex case with many facets to consider when defending someone charged with this crime. There is no successful way to take on your defense for fraud charges; hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney is crucial for effectively fighting these charges and producing a positive legal outcome.

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