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Parole / Probation Violation

When you make a mistake in your normal routine, whether you miss an appointment or forget to meet a deadline, there likely aren’t serious punishments waiting around the corner for you. But life is different for those on parole or probation. Failure to meet one of the many rules required for staying out of prison, or remaining out on early release, can spell disaster for those who have been sentenced to probation or who were freed from jail early.

Have you violated your parole or probation? We know this is a slippery slope and one that can come with serious consequences sooner than you think. Enlist the support of our Smithfield, Rhode Island defense attorney to minimize your risk for jail time after parole and probation violations.

Understanding Parole and Probation

While probation is offered in lieu of spending time in jail, parole is a release from incarceration after serving part of the original sentence. Parole is often granted, after a certain amount of time, due to excellent behavior while behind bars.

If you are able to secure probation instead of jail time, it’s likely because the offense was not serious, it’s your first criminal charge, and you have a track record of positive behavior. The point of both parole and probation is to allow you to become and remain a member of your community and to contribute in a positive manner. If you are not able to keep to this commitment and end up violating conditions of your parole or probation, the point of having you remain outside of jail is negated.

Common Violations of Parole and Probation Conditions

Those who are on probation have responsibilities to themselves, their communities, and the court systems, even though they are not imprisoned. It’s common for clients in these circumstances to keep routine check-ins with parole and probation officers, attend counseling or rehabilitation programs, maintain employment, and complete community service. These meetings allow agents of the court to determine if you are fulfilling your end of the bargain.

While committing an illegal act can carry significant consequences for anyone, the risk is elevated for those who are already serving sentences under parole or probation. With conditions of your current sentence, you face jail time that can be up to the full amount that is permissible based on charges if you are caught with or under the use of drugs, in possession of a firearm or weapon, or if you are consorting with known criminals, including gang members.

Obtain a Defense Lawyer for Violations of Parole and Probation

Your ability to stay out of jail and remain on probation or parole depends on proving innocence and or compliance with stipulations. Our Rhode Island criminal defense attorney proves to the court system that you are a valuable member of society, best kept out of jail and that you are doing everything in your power to comply with the rules of everyday life on the outside.

If you were not able to meet one of the many rules regarding your probation or parole, we can help to prove that these were not exempted with purposeful negligence. It’s hard for many people to keep up with everyday obligations — cars break down on your way to work and prevent you from attending important meetings. Let us demonstrate to the courts that are you doing everything in your ability to stay within their guidelines.

Ask our Attorneys about Defense Strategies for Parole and Probation Violation

You have the the right to go before a judge in cases of probation violation to determine if any rules were violated. Let us argue in your defense to demonstrate that you can contribute to your community by staying out of jail. Your hearing is an opportunity to prove your worth. We work on behalf of our clients and are committed to their defense, establishing either that they did not violate probation or parole or that jail would be not a fit consequence.

In cases where probation or parole continues on for years, it’s possible that you make make a slip up; no one is perfect.

Don’t let your good track record go to waste. Work with Archambault Law for a successful defense. If you or a member of your family are serving parole or probation for a crime, make sure that any slips in your commitment do not send you or a loved one to jail. Contact Archambault Law for an evaluation of your case and to determine the best strategies for defense.

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