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Possession of Marijuana

In Rhode Island, and in many other states, you are allowed to possess certain amounts of marijuana under specific conditions. This varies greatly from other drugs that cannot be in your possession under any circumstances. If you are in possession of marijuana, you are not committing a crime by default.

Is Marijuana Legal in Rhode Island?

Marijuana is legal in Rhode Island if you are a resident and if you have a license to use marijuana medically. You cannot use marijuana recreationally, however — it must be prescribed for use to ease medical conditions, such as chronic pain, anxiety, or seizures. While laws and regulations surrounding marijuana have changed over the past few years, you must still have the proper license to use the drug.

If you do not have a license to use marijuana and are found to be in possession of an ounce or less of marijuana, you may be subject to a fine. Marijuana has been decriminalized in Rhode Island, so possession of small amounts of the drug will not come with jail time and or criminal punishment.

What if I have a prescription?

A marijuana card or prescription for marijuana is not a free license to do whatever you’d like in terms of possession and use of weed. A prescription for marijuana often allows you to have a set amount of the flower or the plant. According to state law, you can have less than 3 ounces of the dried substance and can only grow up to 12 plants. Marijuana cannot be used in a public space and must be regulated for use in your private residence.

Illegal possession of marijuana

While you are allowed to possess marijuana in some cases, you are not permitted to possess an amount of 3 ounces or over 12 flowered and 12 unflowered plants. Possession of paraphernalia used to distribute drugs for resale can bring amount criminal charges. You are also not permitted to drive while under the influence of marijuana.

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The laws regarding marijuana possession in Rhode Island will likely change more over the next several years, as individuals fight to completely legalize, tax and regulate the use of this drug more publicly and without having a medical card, similar to the way the public uses and consumes alcohol. If you have questions about criminal charges regarding the possession of marijuana, contact Archambault Law today to speak to our defense attorney.

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